30 Double Nose Piercing Examples

For those who think single nose rings aren’t enough, then how about trying double nose piercing? I thought one ring is already enough to make a person look cool, but there are actually some who would go for double pierce. I’m not so sure how this would turn out since it’s quite odd to have even a single piercing on your nose. But for some people, having double nose pierce is better than only one. You can see below how double nose piercing looks like when compared to single nose rings.


30 Double Nose Rings Images


1. Stud nose ring double pierce on both sides.


Originally posted by Racheal Branch


2. Double hoop nose pierce ring with a beautiful stone.


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3. Stud and hoop nose ring look good together.


Originally posted by kyndal harkrader


4. Double hoop nose ring.


Originally posted by Lorena Chavez


5. Beautiful stones double nose stud ring.


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6. Double stud ring on one side.


Originally posted by Jesika Lynn


7. Beautiful double gold pierce with red stone.


Originally posted by Michelle Levy


8. Double hoop nose rings also look good on men, don’t you think?


Originally posted by Alisha Charon


9. How about having double pierce for the nose and tongue?


Originally posted by Brittany van Lindenburg


10. Double hoop nose rings with balls. The other rings are also eye-catching.


Originally posted by Cassie Rings


11. Silver double loop nose pierce.


Originally posted by Sally Sass


12. Double loop nose ring with blue bead.


Originally posted by Michelle Levy


13. Double loop nose ring with crystal moonstone silver bead.


Originally posted by Michelle Levy


14. Double pierced nose ring with rose crystal beard.


Originally posted by Michelle Levy


15. This design looks like Hidden Mickey. Do you agree with me?


Originally posted by Diana Valencia


16. Beautiful gold double nose ring.


Originally posted by Lisa Mitchell


17. This is the heaviest design of double nose pierce I’ve ever seen.


Originally posted by J. Nov


18. Cool black double nose ring.


Originally posted by Rosa Stephenson


19. Elegant-looking black and gold double hooped nose ring.


Originally posted by Michelle Levy


20. Looped double nose ring with beautiful gemstone.


Originally posted by Michelle Levy


21. Double nose pierce gold rings connected by a cool design.


Originally posted by Grace Du Prez


22. Fierce red double nose ring pierce.


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23. Simple but beautiful gold double nose ring pierce.


Originally posted by Lisa Mitchell


24. Side by side double nose pierce rings for men. They add to the bad attitude, don’t they?


Originally posted by Marley Ingram


25. Beautiful nose ring with crystal bead. This can be double-pierced if you want to.


Originally posted by Michelle Levy


26. Very simple double nose piercing design because no other rings can be seen.


Originally posted by Hayley Cox


27. Double silver stud nose rings can look good on the opposite side as well.


Originally posted by Ondrea


28. Don’t you think having too much piercings on your face make you look unpleasant? But all the rings have the same color though.


Originally posted by LydiLoo Who


29. Awesome black double nose ring piercing.


Originally posted by Colby Marie


30. This double nose piercing combination looks very cool. How about a hoop nose ring on one side and a stud nose ring on the other side?


Originally posted by Haylee Swarthout


So what can you say about the double nose piercing that we have compiled above? If you were to choose, would you go with single, double, or even go the distance with those multiple piercings? That actually would depend on your preference and how far you can challenge yourself with these. Well, these are just 30 examples of the very many designs that are out there. And do you know what would be a very good combination with these nose rings? The answer to that would be body chains. Just read the article about that for you to learn more.